Is it time for you to master the language of math? Contact me to get started!


$50 per hour: In-Person (includes q&a option outside of scheduled lessons)

$45 per hour: In-Person

$40 per hour: Online

3 Hour Minimum Purchase

*Discounts for bulk purchases:

10-19 hours = 10% off

20-29 hours = 15% off

30 hours or more = 20% off

No split payments

An excellent option for students easily distracted in class or prefer to work at their own pace with the opportunity to ask questions. My focus is entirely on the student.

*You are not eligible for discounts if you are paying an old rate. The new rate will not apply unless you discontinue tutoring for 90 consecutive days.


$30 per hour, per person

In-Person or Online

3 Hour Minimum Purchase

Students must be taking the same math class with the same teacher.

Great for people who study well with their peers.

Q&A Packages

This service is in Beta Phase. Prices and service subject to change.

$25 for 5 questions

$45 for 10 questions

Payment required in advance.

I hold high, ethical academic standards as a tutor, and my goal is for the student to learn, not to cheat. Therefore, a "question" answered is considered as one of the following:

1. Complete solution with an explanation of all steps needed to solve a similar problem.

2. Review of your completed homework problem, with corrections.

All questions must be submitted by 8 a.m. Pacific Time in order to receive an answer the same day. If it is submitted after that time, then you will receive the solution the following day.

A convenient option for students who don't have the time to meet with a tutor, and can easily learn independently from clear, guided instructions.

How do the sessions work?

In-Person Sessions: We will meet at the San Marcos Branch Library

Online Sessions: You must have a reliable internet connection with audio and video capabilities. These sessions are conducted via Skype or Google Hangouts. All material to be covered must be submitted before the session takes place. This ensures we make the best use of our time by being prepared on both the student and tutor ends.

Ready to get started?

Step 1:
Email me at to discuss scheduling options. I will set up and confirm your time slot. All new students will receive an official email confirmation of their schedule.

Step 2:
Pay for your first 3 hours of sessions. Tutoring hours must be purchased in advance. Three payment options are available: cash, check, or PayPal.

Step 3:
Be prepared for your first lesson with all your materials.